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Born 1988 in Leipzig, currently living in Berlin. Lorenz Erdmann studied musicology and media studies at the Humbolt-University Berlin and completed his bachelor degree in ‘Music & Media’ in 2013. He’s currently studying in the masters program ‘European Media Studies’ at the University of Potsdam and the University of Applied Science Potsdam. While being engaged in research projects concerning sonification, visualization, history of sound synthesis, animated sound, he got into diffusion sound composition in a masters course held by the composer Simon Vincent.
In his audio pieces he seeks to encounter the tangible and corporeal aspects of sound while engaging with analogue sound carriers, analogue sound synthesis, field recordings and immersive sound environments in his productions.

As producer, musician and DJ he’s interested in blurring the boundaries between dance floor oriented and listening music. He has released several EPs with the electro-acoustic duo ‘Meier & Erdmann’ and runs the record label for diverse electronic music ‘Moniker Eggplant’.

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Last Exhibitions and Presentations

‘Informatio Sonare (st.-V.2)’
Stereo version of a 7.1 diffusion sound composition presented at the exhibition ‘Es Wird Zeit’, Berlin, Germany, 07/2015

‘Mapping Amager’
7.0 diffusion sound composition realized and presented in the scope of the PSi 2015 conference ‘Fluid Sounds’, Copenhagen, Denmark, 06/2015

‘Not Even Orion’
Stereo miniature presented in the scope of the ’60×60 Wave-Farm Mix’ at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 04/2015

‘Reenacting the Escape’
Stereo composition presented in the scope of the collective laboratorium and exhibition ‘Let’s Collective Mor(e)ning For Us’. Mithymna, Greece, 07/2014

‘Mare Belualis’
5.1 diffusion sound composition presented at the exhibition ’60×60′ curated and organized by Harvestworks and Vox Novus, New York, USA, 05/ 2014

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Contact and Web Links

Feel free to write an e-mail or contact Lorenz Erdmann through wordpress.


Airdmunsolo project for sounds and productions between field recordings and beats
Moniker Eggplant – label and collective for diverse electronic music
Meier & Erdmann – electro acoustic production duo
Zeptosphere – trio performing ‘more or less electro jazz’

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