Presentation of Mapping Amager at the inSonic2015 Conference

I’m very glad to announce that Mapping Amager will be installed at the this year’s inSonic conference at ZKM Karlsruhe. It’s a conference dealing exclusively with multichannel sound. There’ll also be keynote and paper presentations, discussions, installations, concerts and performances by Barry Truax, Curtis Roads, Keith Fullerton Whitman (among many others).

A revised version of the composition will be presented: For the first time it will be played as a 8.0 piece.

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Publication of the Blog

I’m very glad to finally publish this blog restoring my sound journey on the island of Amager. Feel free to go on a journey with me and discover the sites and their sounds of the eastern part of the danish capital. Hear the clash of nature and culture, of landscape and high buildings, of landmass and water. I here present a thorough documentation of my project created in the scope of the ‘Fluid Sounds’ conference (June 2015, copenhagen): Learn about how the recordings of the diverse sites have been made, how they have been edited, which difficulties and surprises occured. In the end this blog will continuously present any kind of news concerning Mapping Amager: Upcomming presentations, reworked versions of the composition or downloads.
Enjoy the virtual ride through one of the most prosperous parts of Copenhagen.

Yours truly
Lorenz Erdmann